About Us

About Upper Hume Primary Care Partnership (UHPCP)

Our Vision

Partnership members working collaboratively, building capacity to achieve resilient communities, strong families and healthy individuals. 

Our Mission

To provide a platform that brings a diverse range of service providers together in partnership to support the delivery of coordinated, integrated care and improved health literacy. 

Our Key Objectives

To facilitate and support a strong, diverse partnership, in order to:

  • Identify local shared interests and issues and act as a conduit for these to be raised with government.
  • Build the capacity of partner organisations.
  • Support and build on partnerships and collaboration.
  • Ensure effective and efficient partnerships with a focus on transparency and quality.
  • Support the alignment of local, regional, state and national priorities.
  • Enable communication, coordination and cooperation between organisations that influence the health and wellbeing of our communities.
  • Be flexible and responsive to change.
  • Address issues in accordance with the social model of health.
  • Encourage and support improvements in health literacy, consumer empowerment and self management. 

To achieve together what can't be achieved alone.

How we Operate

The Upper Hume PCP is comprised of member organisations voluntarily entering into partnership by signing the UHPCP Partnering Agreement.  The Agreement provides the structure and direction that enables the partnership members to work effectively. Governance of the UHPCP occurs through the General Committee, comprising representatives from all member agencies, and the Executive, which is the principal governing and decision making body made up of elected representatives. To meet our Executive members click here.

Partnership members also participate on Steering Committees that lead our collaborative work.  

The members are supported in their partnership activities by a small team of PCP staff. To meet our team please click here

UHPCP Implementation Plan

UHPCP has identified the following key activities to be undertaken during 2012-13. These activities are based on the various state and regional objectivies as well as locally identified needs.

The implementation plan for 2012-13 will operate as part of a broader strategic planning process being developed for 2012-17. Many of the priorities and activities identified in this implemenation plan will remain relevant into the future.

For a copy of the Plan click here.